A downloadable FANSONA!

Something went wrong with this game.

I guess there is a virus inside FANSONA video game.

George (September 1987): HELP! when I played FANSONA video game with my sister, something went wrong with the controllers. after that it gave a BSOD. BUT, WE GOT A JUMPSCARES. and My sister is GONE! CAN YOU PLEASE FIND MY SISTER?! D:

Coming soon!

このゲームで何か問題が発生しました。 ビデオゲーム内にウイルスがあると思います。 ジョージ(1987年9月):助けて!私が妹とビデオゲームをプレイしたとき、コントローラーに何か問題がありました。その後、死のブルースクリーンが表示されました。しかし、ジャンプジャンプをしました。私の妹はいなくなった!妹を見つけてくれませんか?! D: 



Left & Right: Move

Up: Jump or double jump

Left click - select


KF-Games website

Kiro Ramy Original (YouTube)


Are you going to release this game in Halloween 2019?

I don't know if I will release this game on Halloween 2019. Since there are many options and features to add in this game. So I recommended to release this game in early 2020 (if I could do it). Just give me a little bit to complete this game. and then, I will release this game in Halloween 2019 as soon as possible!

Does this game cost money to download? Does this game have a demo version?

Absolutely not! This game is completely free to play! So don't worry about your money ;)

Will this game be released for Android or IOS?

Sorry, I have no plans to release this on Android or IOS. But don't worry! We will do it after this game released for Windows :D

This game is still in development! BUT, You can download Alpha on FANSONA Server (Discord)

You can tell us about your ideas for this game on Discord


StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I Said To Kiro OKEY DOKEY!!!!

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